How can I change my settings?

You can turn on and off rewards and other basic settings by going through the setup wizard

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When you first set up your Glow account, you'll be taken through the setup wizard. If you'd like to come back later and change any of the settings in the wizard, you can launch the wizard from the "Home" screen.

This will walk you through the same process you went through when you first configured your account. 

The first step allows you to turn awards on or off

The second step allows you to adjust the colors and name of your "points"

The third step allows you to customize the points per order

Note: This is just a general setting, and you can override these points with custom order rules. This way, you can optionally exclude certain products/collections from earning points.

The fourth step allows you to customize the other reward bonuses for a signup, birthday and anniversary

The fifth step is to like us on Facebook because you are awesome! ;)

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