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How can I give a customer points or deduct points from a customer?
How can I give a customer points or deduct points from a customer?

You can manually add or subtract points from a customer at any time.

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There are times you may want to add or deduct points from a customer without their interaction with the app on your site. This could be because you are granting them a discount over the phone, in your brick and mortar store, or to give them points to help resolve a customer service issue.

Regardless of the reason, adjusting points for your customers is really easy.

First navigate to the customer record in Glow under "Members."

Then click the adjust button in the top right corner. The button name will vary slightly depending on what you call 'points':

Then enter the amount you want to adjust:

You can enter a positive number to add points or a negative number to remove points. The customer's new total will be calculated for you on the fly. Once you have the appropriate amount entered in the text input, click "Adjust Points." Again the button will have a slightly different message depending on your 'points' name.

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