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How to setup VIP tiers and multipliers
How to setup VIP tiers and multipliers

Learn how to setup reward tiers and membership levels using the VIP Multiplier or "VIP Tiers" on Glow Loyalty.

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If you'd like to award more (or less) points to customers on an ongoing basis, VIP tiers and multipliers can be very useful on Glow. 

Some common use cases include:

  • VIP Tiers that award customers more points automatically based on their point history and loyalty. (ie. gold, silver & bronze membership levels) 

  • Specific customers who should NOT receive points (i.e. wholesale customers or customers who have already purchased at a discounted rate)

  • Individual customers who you want to earn more/less points. (ie. your VIPs)

V.I.P. Multiplier - Manual Control

You can set the VIP multiplier manually for any customer from the customer's member details page in the Glow Loyalty app. Members > Edit Member > VIP Multiplier

Each time the customer earns points, the number of points will be multiplied by the value of the VIP Multiplier. By default, each customer's multiplier will be set to 1.00, so they will earn 1x the number of points in your account settings. (ie. 5pts x 1 VIP multiplier = 5pts rewarded)

If you'd like, you can change the default multiplier for the entire account in Settings > Account Settings > Advanced Settings > VIP Multiplier. From the settings page, you can also choose which "moments" you'd like the VIP multiplier to apply to when the system awards points. 

As one example of how to use this, you may want to award signup, birthday and referral points to everyone normally, but not allow customers to earn points on purchases. To accomplish this, you would use the following VIP Multiplier settings.

This will set each customer's multiplier to zero by default, but only apply it to purchases, so they will earn points, as normal, on signup, birthdays, anniversaries, and referrals. For the customers who you would like to award points for purchases, simply change their V.I.P. multiplier to 1.00 on their member page in Glow manually.

VIP Tiers & Reward Levels - Automatic Control

You can also have the system change a customer's VIP Multiplier automatically using VIP Tiers in Glow. To set up specific levels or V.I.P. Tiers visit Rewards > VIP Tiers under the main menu on Glow Loyalty.

For each V.I.P. Tier, you can choose the number of lifetime points required to achieve the membership level for customers, and also the new V.I.P. Multiplier once members have achieved that VIP Tier status. 

For example, the Gold VIP tier pictured above requires 5,000-lifetime points to achieve. However, after customers have earned 5,000 points, they will earn 3x points, automatically, on all future purchases that qualify for points. The transaction that takes the customer over the point threshold for the next reward tier will still be calculated on the prior tier's rates.

WARNING: Automatic VIP tier multipliers are separate from the VIP multiplier found on your member details page. For example, if you set the VIP multiplier manually for a member to 2x and the member also achieves a VIP tier status (defined under the VIP tiers menu) that gives 3x, then that customer will receive BOTH multipliers for purchases. By default, all VIP multipliers are set to 1x on the member details page, so this should only affect you if you manually edit the customer's VIP multiplier or change the default VIP multiplier to something else via your advanced settings.  

Limiting Rewards to Specific VIP Tiers Only 

You can also limit rewards to only be accessible to customers who have achieved a specific status or VIP Tier level. When you set up a reward, you can select if the reward should be applied to "All Customers" or only to customers on a specific V.I.P. Tier level. 

If you have questions about awarding more/less points to customers on Glow Loyalty & Rewards, please feel free to reach out via live chat or email. We're here to help!

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