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How to create custom action rewards on Glow Loyalty
How to create custom action rewards on Glow Loyalty

If you want to create a reward for an action we don't yet support, you can create a custom reward with Glow Loyalty

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The custom reward feature allows you to create a reward for just about anything. You can reward customers for subscribing to an email list, filling out a customized form, interacting with social media, purchasing a subscription, interacting with the glow app, or just about any action you can think of.

Glow supports the following actions without the need to set up custom actions:

  • Reward customers for creating an account

  • Reward customers for purchasing

  • Reward customers for subscription purchases

  • Reward customers for referrals

  • Reward customers on their birthday

  • Reward customers on the anniversary date they joined your program

  • Reward customers for subscribing to an email list on MailChimp

  • Reward customers for subscribing to an email list on Klaviyo (coming soon)

WIth custom rewards, you get the ability to add other actions customers can complete to earn points. Custom actions appear in the loyalty widget, along with the actions that are supported natively by Glow Loyalty.

How to create a custom reward on Glow

To create the reward, go to the Rewards tab > Custom Rewards and click "Add Custom Reward."

You can give the custom reward a title, and add a description for any steps that the customer must do to claim the reward.

The reward value is the number of points the customer will receive for completing the action. You can also decide if a single customer can earn the reward multiple times or just once. After you have everything configured, toggle the reward to enabled and it will show up in the loyalty widget.

Customers can complete the action to earn the reward by clicking the "earn reward" button in the glow widget when they are logged into their account.

Once customers click "Claim Reward", you'll be notified via email and their points will be pending until you approve the action in the app.

Reviewing and approving custom rewards

The review process will send an email to the main email address listed on your Shopify store and Glow account so you know when customers have claimed your custom rewards. Once you have confirmed the customer completed the action required for the reward, you can approve their points so they can be used by the customer.

First, navigate to the Custom Rewards tab and click "Manage Submissions" next to the reward.

Click on details next to the submission you want to manage.

If the customer completed the action, you can toggle the status to "approved" and click save. If they haven't completed it yet, you can deny the request and add a message that will be delivered to the customer via email.

That's it! If you have any questions, please let us know. We're here to help.

The Glow Team

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