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How to configure points for specific collections
How to configure points for specific collections

You can override points for specific collections. This includes setting bonuses or excluding collections form earning points altogether

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You can allow your customers to earn extra points if they purchase from a specific collection in your shop.

This is possible through "Rewards > Collections." You can set up collection rules to award a set number of bonus points per dollar spent on products in a given collection.

For instance, if you normally award 10 points per dollar, you could set up a collection with 10 bonus points. This way, the total award is 20 points (2x normal) per dollar spent.

You can also set a collection to override points that would typically be awarded. Say you don't want to award points to a specific collection of products. You can set the award mode to override and set the collection to zero points.

Shopify will allow you to add products to multiple collections. This ability, in combination with our collection bonuses, can be used to really fine-tune the rewards you offer.

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