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How can I offer a free product as a reward?
How can I offer a free product as a reward?

Automatic Product Rewards make it easy to give free items to loyal customers

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Sometimes, you may want to offer a product as a reward instead of a discount code.

In this guide, we’ll explain how to set up an automatic product reward within the Glow Loyalty Program for your Shopify store. An automatic product reward allows customers to redeem loyalty points for specific products or variants directly in Shopify, bypassing the cart and payment stages.

Note: For physical products, customers will need to either enter a new shipping address or select an existing one from their account.

Step 1: Access Reward Settings

  • Navigate to the Glow Loyalty Program dashboard within your Shopify admin panel and select the ‘Rewards’ section.

Step 2: Create and Name Your Reward

  • Create a New Reward: Click on ‘Add New Reward’.

  • Reward Name: Enter a name that will be visible to customers and used for your reference, such as “Test Free Automatic Product”.

Step 3: Set Reward Cost and Type

  • How Many Glow Bucks Does This Reward Cost?: Specify the number of loyalty points required for redemption, e.g., 1 Glow Buck.

  • Reward Type: Select 'Automatic Product Order' from the dropdown to automate the order process.

Step 4: Define Reward Usage and Configure Automatic Order

  • How Many Times Can the Reward Be Redeemed?: Choose from options like 'Unlimited' to allow customers to get this reward multiple times.

  • Product and Variant: Click ‘Search Products…’ to select the product to be rewarded. If applicable, specify a specific variant.

Step 5: Optional Settings

  • Discount Code Prefix: Optionally, enter a prefix for discount codes to help track redemptions, e.g., SOOff-.

  • Vip tier: Optionally limit this reward to customers on a specific vip tier

Step 6: Save Your Reward

  • Click ‘Save Reward’ to finalize the reward configuration. This will automate the redemption process, enhancing the shopping experience and encouraging customer loyalty.

If you prefer the customer to go through the normal checkout flow, use a 100% off discount code instead. See below:

To offer a product as a reward, you just need to set-up a reward for 100% off in your Glow account and set it to apply only to a specific product.

When a customer redeems their points for the reward, we will deduct the points from their balance and grant them a discount code for 100% off that product. The code can be used on orders with other products, and only the product selected will be discounted by 100% and only once per order.

Please let us know if you have any questions. 

The Glow Team

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