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The widget has a few different customer views

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There are a few different widget pages throughout the application. If a customer is not logged into your Shopify store, the first screen they would see is the login screen.

Login Screen
Once a customer clicks the launcher button, a modal is shown (all mobile-responsive) that prompts them to create an account or log in. This uses the same registration and login as your normal site. The URL never changes from your site URL, and they will never be directed elsewhere.

Point Balance and Options
Once logged in, they are presented with the different ways they can earn points. If you go to your Settings > Widget Design page you can select a customer to see the widget as that customer.

Note: The design preview simulates a live working version of your widget. It can be helpful if a client is having issues but won't allow you to redeem a reward for them.

There are several ways customers can earn points. Each option can all be configured depending on which you'd like to offer.

Point Redemption
Once a customer has enough points to redeem for a reward, they can visit the "Redeem Points" tab and see the rewards available to them as well as how many points they'll need to reach the next reward tier.

When they redeem a reward, a discount code will be generated just for them that is valid for a single-use. This discount code will be saved to their account, and they can access it at any point from the "Discount Codes" tab. They can easily copy the code to their clipboard to use during checkout. Once a code has been used, it is removed from the "Discount Codes" tab.


Customer info on the backend
You get info on each customer in the backend. You'll see totals for their account, broken down by earning type, graphs of recent activity, and be able to adjust points manually.



Logo and Colors
You can set up your brand colors and upload your logo, and that will carry across your widget and email notifications that go out to your customers. We have a simple set up wizard that you go through at signup that will take you through setting everything up.


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