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How to enable or disable reward discounts for subscriptions
How to enable or disable reward discounts for subscriptions

Toggling this setting will allow you to offer discounts for subscription items or disable it if you only want to discount one time purchases

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If you use a subscription app like PayWhirl, you may want to allow customers to use their rewards points for subscription purchases. These rewards would be an additional discount beyond their regular subscription rate and only apply to one payment.

Enabling Subscription Discounts

To integrate this functionality:

  1. Access the Rewards Settings: Begin by navigating to the rewards settings page within your Glow account.

  2. Edit Reward Preferences: Select the reward you intend to be applicable to subscription purchases.

  3. Adjust Discount Settings: In the 'Discount Purchase Type' setting, choose to apply the discount to "both subscription and one-time purchases". This ensures the reward points can be used for both types of transactions.

Disable Subscription Discounts

If you decide against offering extra discounts for subscriptions:

  1. Change the Reward Setting: Go to the same settings page and select the reward you want to adjust.

  2. Toggle the Option: Change the setting to "Only one-time payments". This action restricts the use of rewards to one-time purchases only, excluding subscription payments.

Key Points to Consider

  • Subscription App Requirement: An app like PayWhirl is essential to activate these subscription discounts.

  • Initial Order Discount: When applied at checkout, the discount is only valid for the initial subscription order.

  • Flexibility in Subscription Apps: Unlike many subscription apps, PayWhirl offers the flexibility to add discounts to ongoing subscriptions.

  • Customizable Rewards: You have the option to customize rewards, choosing whether they apply to subscription purchases, one-time purchases, or both.

By integrating these steps, you can effectively offer your customers a more dynamic and appealing subscription model, enhancing their shopping experience and increasing customer loyalty.

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